Hello my name is Sheila Innins. Thank you for stopping by.

We are a small hobby kennel situated on 4 acres located about 5kms from the historic town of Richmond at Londonderry, New South Wales Australia.
The journey began in Switzerland in 1984 when I met my first Rottweiler.
The Christmas of 1984 my family gave me a little bear called "Grizzly".
So our family's love of the breed commenced.

Around 10 years ago my daugter Karen and I formed the kennel name Schwarzbear Rottweilers, which means black bear - Rottweiler puppies look like little bears.

As breeders, our aim has been to breed the all round Rottweiler -
conformation, intelligence, health and temperament.
A well bred Rottweiler should be a dog that can excel in both obedience and agility
and is a happy member of the family.
All puppies are raised in our family home environment and are well socialised.
We borrow our friends grandchildren to play with the puppies so they are used to interacting with children.

All our dogs are hip/elbow scored and have eye and mouth certificates.
We breed within the guidelines as set down by the National Rottweiler Council of Australia and
we are members of the ADRK Germany and RCNSW Australia.




All pictures are the property of Schwarzbear Rottweilers and may not be reproduced in any form without permission. Thank You.